Andax Containment Solutions


Corrosion in electrical transformers eventually leads to oil leaks and transformer failures. An aging or failed transformer must be safely removed from site to be reconditioned, decommissioned or scrapped. Safely removing an old transformer (whether from a pole or from the ground) is challenging for linesmen. The removal process is likely to disturb transformer seals, resulting in oil leaks. This can create significant environmental and legal consequences for electrical distribution contractors.

Andax has spent decades working with leading electrical utilities in the US to perfect a containment solution that enables transformers to be safely removed, transported, and stored without the risk of oil leaks or environmental contamination. We stock a range of Andax transformer containment bags that have been specifically tailored for the Australian and New Zealand pole and ground mounted transformer fleet. We also stock a range of other innovative Andax containment solutions, including the Inflatable Containment Tank - a pop-up containment pool that inflates in an instant and holds up to 370 litres.




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