CorrosionX XD

CorrosionX Extended Duty combines the best of CorrosionX and CorrosionX Heavy Duty. Still a fast penetrant and thinly applied, it resists displacement or removal by splash or spray.

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Paraffin based CorrosionX XD is one of our hero products. You’ll find it in the barge voids of some of NZ’s biggest marine engineering operators, all the way to underside of Joan from Wollongongs motorhome. CorrosionX is the only product readily available to the public that meets the U.S. Navy's tough new corrosion prevention and control performance requirement MIL-PRF-81309H.

CorrosionX® Extended Duty (also know as CorrosionX XD) is a medium build (thickened) version of CorrosionX®. The higher viscosity offers longer-term resilience against displacement by splash or spray. CorrosionX XD penetrates existing rust and corrosion, displaces moisture and prevents electrolysis. It leaves a non-hardening, self-healing coating for maximum protection against moisture intrusion, while providing outstanding, long-lasting lubrication for all moving parts.

Two key elements set CorrosionX apart from its competitors.

Revolutionary Polar Bonding™ technology causes CorrosionX to bond to metal surfaces like a magnet, driving out moisture and stopping rust in its tracks. Resistant to spray, washoff, and heavy friction, it is very difficult to displace.

The innovative, self-healing, Fluid Thin Film Coating (FTFC™) creates the famous CorrosionX creep, driving the product into the hardest to reach places and providing a massive 78m2/ltr of coverage offering incredible bang for your buck.
Whether you’re a marine magnate or a weekend motorhomer, you can count on CorrosionX XD to get the job done.

Other Useful Info

Performs on already wet and corroded surfaces.
As a medium-build film, CorrosionX XD does not accumulate dust and dirt like grease does.
CorrosionX XD contains no wax, tar or silicone, and unlike wax coatings, will not dry, harden or crack under stress.
Safe on paint, glass, gelcoat, wiring insulation, rubber, plastics and electronics.
Designed to withstand extreme corrosive environments including sulphuric and direct saltwater spray.
It does not dry or go sticky
lubrication factor of 0,4, some 3 times better than engine oil.
Safe to 25.000 Volt.