ReelX Grease 1oz

NEW REELX® GREASE From Corrosion Technologies – the worldwide leader in marine corrosion prevention and lubrication. ReelX® Grease is the new, hi-tech, synthetic, extreme-pressure optimized reel grease developed for all spinning and casting reels. Used in conjunction with ReelX® fishing reel oil, ReelX Grease blocks moisture intrusion, reduces wear, disrupts existing corrosion and prevents new corrosion or rust from forming. ReelX Grease combines our top rated marine grease with an additive package containing the same revolutionary Polar Bonding technology found in CorrosionX® and additional extreme pressure additives to make your fishing reels achieve their ultimate performance. Bring your reel performance to a whole new level Improves reel performance Superior, marine grade water stability Prevents moisture intrusion Stops/prevents rust and corrosion Will Not Harm Plastic, PTFE or Monofilament Ultimate protection for reel applications where grease is the preferred lubricant
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